Thursday, November 15, 2012

Water (Sea and River)

Currently reading, "Sea and Fog" by Etel Adnan. This made me think of Roni Horn, and her series "Some Thames," repeating photographs of that river. Both are slippery, but sparkling. Adnan's poetry strikes watery, beautiful notes over and over again:
Sea, made of instants chained. Where to shelter impermanence 
within its defenses? A threat, for sure. What about the permanent
affinity between light and mind, both a processing machine, of
particles, of thoughts? p. 12
Impermanence, floating. Like how the body is weightless in water. Or that instant when an elevator jumps, and you are momentarily suspended in the air. Adnan continues:
Death drove fast through a black forest. Signs pointed to disaster.  
 Destiny behaved soft, terrified. Waves got transformed into
 decapitated gelatinous bodies. In the shallows, temperatures fell.
 Growths are curtailing the daylight. Despair is running free. p. 13
In an interview here Roni Horn says, "Some people live in a virtual, in a headspace; I don't. I like to keep my feet in moving water."She also says, "The Thames is the urban river with the highest appeal to foreign suiciders."


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