Wednesday, February 18, 2009

an appropriate definition.

So you know:
Manipulative, adj.
Exercising control or influence over others esp. in a malign, devious, or underhand way.

ex: The blonde woman, her again, in the middle, in the crux of the problem, distraction. When she speaks to you, you are the only one in the room. But sometimes you become aware of her wandering eyes, waiting for someone else to talk to, to use. She tells you only what you want to hear. Laughing, wondering how far she can push/pull, until you will realize what she is doing. Some people never do.

"The manipulative and the declarative are the twin incentives by which the development of language is fostered in the child, and remain the essential functions of language in society." M. M. LEWIS Lang. in Society i. 24 from

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pier in the Sand

My new laptop desktop background is one of those generic photos that came with the computer. Black and White, it's a photo of a large dock emerging from sand into a body of water - a large body, as there is no type of land visible in the distance. It's entitled 'Pier.'

I am in one of those moods where I want to listen to music, but from my mp3 library of 7000+ songs, nothing interests me. It's not that I have too many choices and can't make a decision, it's that I don't have any affinity to the plethora of choices. Like when you stand in front of the refrigerator, looking for something you don't know what but knowing you will eat something, but not really even hungry to begin with. Or when you can't find anything you want to watch on TV but are too lazy to do anything else besides sit there uselessly flipping channels. Or that I also put up a generic photo as my background because I knew I couldn't relate to any of my own photos at the moment. (Also note the change in this background. It will most probably be changed back next time I write a post.)

There is going to be a full moon tomorrow, and I want to burn something. Some of the Burning Man contingency in MI is getting together for an effigy burn, as a cleanser to re-begin this New Year that seems to have started out pretty poorly for many people. Hmmmm...I should build something. Should find some wood. Maybe I'll burn a poem or two.

I have done nothing all day, and this is not a good thing.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Much Too Volatile

Looking at photos
it is snowing and
listening to
My Brightest Diamond.
Inside a Boy.
I don't have time
to be doing this.